Getting ready for spring meetings 

Spring is the season that motivates us to new things, interesting meetings with people, trips. In spring there are also Easter holidays, which are an opportunity to meet family, have fun and spend time together.

 Preparation and cleaning are an inseparable part of meeting people. In this article, we will present ideas on how to do it quickly, well, pleasantly and how it affects meetings with people close to us and motivation to do new things.

Spring meetings – cleaning and preparation 

Refreshing shoes

Spring is the time of year that motivates us to move more. Long walks, bike tours, outdoor sports, meeting friends and family, exploring new places and much more. For this reason, it is worth taking care of the appropriate equipment and refreshing shoes so that they give us the possibility of comfortable and long-term use. 

What can help refresh shoes?

  • most sneakers and sports shoes can be refreshed by washing them in the washing machine.
  • a good possibility to refresh shoes and get rid of the unpleasant smell are tea leaves – put dry black tea bags into shoes or pour leaf tea into linen bags and put them in shoes.
  • microorganisms that kill in low temperatures are responsible for the smell of stale shoes. That is why it is worth freezing the shoes – a few hours in a plastic bag in the freezer is enough for the shoes to be refreshed and free of bacteria.
  • alcohol swabs may be useful for shoe disinfection – just slip them into shoes and let them dry.
  • the best choice are specialist preparations for shoes in the form of powders, sprays or fragrant, antibacterial insoles. 

Cooking together

A good way to spend time together with family and friends is to cook together.

Spring is the time to discover new recipes and flavors. Cooking and eating together is a time when you can take care of good relationships and learn new things.

Cooking is connected with cleaning, so it is worth taking care of proper preparation for this type of meeting. 

Before cooking together, it is worth taking care of:

  • cleaning the kitchen
  • selection of recipes
  • preparing all necessary cooking utensils
  • preparing all the necessary ingredients to make the selected recipes
  • ensure the right atmosphere during the meeting. 

When cooking together, it is worth taking care of:

  • preparing a place where garbage will be deposited. The basket should be within reach, so that you can immediately throw shells, peelings or packaging from used products into it. This will reduce the cleaning time after cooking.
  • after cooking, before you sit down to eat a meal, it is worth immediately soaking the pan and pots in which the dish was prepared. This will make it easier to remove dirt later. 

After cooking together, it is worth taking care of:

  • involvement of family and friends to help clean up after cooking
  • wash the dishes, wipe the kitchen countertops, vacuum the floor
  • it is also possible to arrange a date for the next joint cooking – perhaps with another friend. 

Cleaning of garden furniture

It is also worth preparing garden furniture for spring:

  • check the condition and clean the garden furniture
  • take care of the maintenance of garden furniture 

The maintenance of garden furniture depends on the material it is made of:

  • maintenance of metal garden furniture:
  • metal furniture is resistant to weather conditions, but it is susceptible to rusting – therefore it is necessary to use varnish
  • to clean metal garden furniture, use a cloth soaked in soapy water or a pressure washer
  • in the event of rust stains, it is worth rubbing them with a wire brush and covering them with a new layer of paint
  • screws in metal furniture should be covered with oil.
  • maintenance of plastic garden furniture:
  • plastic garden furniture is very chemically resistant, but susceptible to scratches
  • to clean plastic garden furniture, use a cloth soaked in soapy water
  • maintenance of wooden garden furniture:
  • wooden garden furniture can be made of different types of trees that are cared for differently.
  • for each type of wood, proper cleaning and oiling are important.
  • washing wooden garden furniture should be done before the end of the season and regularly throughout the year. For washing, use a cloth soaked in soapy water or dishwashing liquid and leave to dry completely
  • before oiling wooden garden furniture, clean it and fill in any defects – cracks or fissures
  • after cleaning and repairing defects, we can start to cover the wood with oil. After the first layer dries, wipe the surface of the furniture with sandpaper and cover with a second layer of oil. If the furniture has already been varnished, it is necessary to remove the old layer of varnish down to the bare wood, after which the surface should be oiled. All these preservation treatments must be performed on dry furniture. The next layer of varnish is applied only after the previous one has dried. Repeat these steps until a matt and uniform appearance is obtained. 

Taking care of the garden

A garden can be a good place to spend time with family and friends, but to meet our requirements it must be a well-kept place. Family and friends can be involved in its care. Taking care of your garden can be a good way to spend time with other people. 

What is worth doing in the garden?

  • choose a garden style – choosing a garden style is very important. We can adapt it to our taste, needs, possibilities, etc.
  • plan a place for passions and relaxation – the garden can function as a place to pursue passions and rest. You can create a place for sports, prepare a garden chair or hammock for reading or a place to drink coffee with friends.
  • prepare a place for children to play – the garden can be a brilliant place to prepare games for children, e.g. a swing, a football field, a sandpit.
  • choose plants – if you want to pursue a passion for gardening, you can choose plants that will suit the conditions of your garden and take care of them. 

We need to take care of our garden. There are a few things to do in the garden after winter:

  • cleaning
  • equipment review
  • taking care of the lawn and plants
  • pruning trees and shrubs 

Easter – an enjoyable time with family and friends 

Easter takes place in the spring. It can be a time to spend quality time with family and friends.

Interesting ways to spend Easter time include:

  • painting eggs
  • cooking together
  • baking cupcakes and cookies
  • making Easter cards
  • looking for eggs, toys and sweets in the garden
  • dressing up as bunnies, chicks and lambs
  • making figurines of bunnies, chicks and lambs 

Spring – interesting activities and meetings 

Spring offers many opportunities to spend time:

  • long walks
  • bicycle tours
  • picnics
  • grill or bonfire
  • planting plants in pots
  • observation of the sky
  • getting to know the city, the neighborhood and new places
  • movie nights
  • learning to cook new dishes
  • creating your own decorations – e.g., from flowers. 

Using the help of a cleaning company – Mistcont offer 

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