Spring is coming – get ready for spring cleaning

Spring is a very interesting time. Mainly due to the ongoing changes and the opportunities they offer.

In this article, we will present how changes occurring in nature affect human life and how it relates to spring cleaning and ways to clean quickly and easily.

Spring is coming! 

Winter is still going on, but spring will soon be here. It’s worth getting ready for it. One of the things that will help us preparing for the start of the spring season is spring cleaning.

The beginning of spring is a good time to start new things, wake up to action, get out of winter sleep, open up to new things. In order to start a new period well, it’s worth ending the previous one. 

The symbolic beginning of spring 

Welcoming spring is a very important moment. It’s a time of saying goodbye to winter, starting a new life and appreciating beauty, friendship and freedom.

There are many ways to do this. It looks a little different in each place. Some of the most interesting events to welcoming spring are:

  • In Poland –  melting or burning an puppet called Marzanna – symbol of winter and death. By melting or burning it you bid farewell to winter and enjoy a new life.
  • In Spain – festival called Las Fallas, the festival of fire. They were initiated by carpenters who, on Saint Joseph’s Day, cleaned their warehouses before the arrival of spring. All unnecessary materials were piled on the street to be burned.
  • In Switzerland – large fire in which they burn a snowman puppet named Böögg. The snowman is filled with wood wool and fireworks. This snowman puppet is a symbol of winter.
  • In Japan – celebration of a holiday called Hanami, which consists in admiring the blooming cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are a metaphor for life and beauty.
  • In Thailand – festival water. Water is a sign of blessing.
  • In Canada – festival of tulips, which are the celebration spring and a symbol of friendship between Canada and the Netherlands. The tulip symbolizes the gratitude of the Netherlands to Canada, which offered protection and shelter to the Dutch royal family during the war.
  • In Annapolis (the capital of Maryland in the United States) – burning socks. They were initiated by sailors who burned their socks, which they had to wear in winter. It was to herald the arrival of spring. This custom has been adopted by all residents who burn their socks as a sign of the return of the recreational season. 

Interesting facts about spring and spring cleaning 

Spring can be divided into several types. The conventional date of the beginning of spring appearing in the calendar is calendar spring, which is not always reflected in reality. The actual changes we can observe is astronomical spring. Meteorological spring is the time when the average daily temperature ranges from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. The period when nature wakes up to life and huge changes take place is the phenological spring called natural spring.

Spring cleaning can have a therapeutic effect – by removing unnecessary and cluttering things, we can improve our well-being, get out of stagnation and gain new energy.

Spring time can be a difficult time. Allergy sufferers are particularly exposed to difficulties due to the increased concentration of plant pollen. 

How to prepare for spring cleaning? – spring cleaning tips 

Spring cleaning is about refreshing your wardrobe, segregating things and cleaning every room in the house, but also a mental revolution in the way you think about your own goals.

Spring cleaning is a tedious and time-consuming task that needs to be well planned. It can be helpful to divide the work into stages so as not to get lost in the chaos and activities to be done.

How to handle spring cleaning? – tips and list 

First, make a plan! Break cleaning up into stages and get yourself the right support and help. Spring cleaning includes a very wide range of activities – without a proper plan and help, it’s easy to get discouraged and get lost in the chaos.

Keep the prepared plan in a visible place. Be sure to mark the actions you have taken.

Clean each room one by one – kitchen, bathroom, living room, rooms, bedroom, hall, garage, basement, attic, balcony…

Start cleaning each room from the top, from the ceiling, chandeliers, lamps, windowsills, windows …, ending with cleaning the floor.

In the kitchen take care of:

  • wiping grease from walls and cupboards
  • cleaning the ventilation grille and the kitchen hood
  • defrosting the freezer and cleaning the refrigerator
  • unblocking the drain
  • cleaning the kitchen faucet, sink and tidying up the space under the sink
  • cleaning the oven, microwave, dishwasher and cooker or induction hob

In the bathroom, take care of:

  • cleaning the ventilation grille
  • cleaning limescale and soap scum from the bath, shower cabin, sink and bathroom faucet
  • cleaning the toilet and the space behind it
  • cleaning the bathtub or shower
  • cleaning the washing machine – drum, filters and pipes 

In the salon, take care of:

  • tidying up shelves and cabinets with documents, books, etc.
  • wiping the dust on the shelf under the TV, electronics, all electrical cables, appliances and speakers
  • washing sofas, pillows, bedspreads, chairs and carpets

In the bedroom, take care of:

  • washing bedclothes, blankets, pillowcases, pillows, mattresses
  • washing bed, sofa and armchairs 

In each room, take care of:

  • washing windows and mirrors
  • washing curtains and cleaning blinds
  • cleaning skirting boards, doors, door handles, frames
  • cleaning radiators and space behind them
  • cleaning lamps, sockets, switches and waste bins
  • sorting all your stuff – throwing away, selling or giving away things you no longer use
  • review of expiration dates of food, medicines, cosmetics, etc.
  • checking the quality of cables and cleaning the electronics

When cleaning, it is worth taking care of the climate to make spring cleaning more pleasant. You can use, for example, your favorite music, audiobook or podcast. 

It’s also worth thinking about choosing or changing decorations and accessories that will affect the atmosphere in the apartment – paintings, photos, candles, carpets, figurines and many other things depending on your taste and needs. 

All hands on deck – take care of your support 

When doing spring cleaning, it’s worth taking care of the right help and support. What can be useful?

Good plan

The most important stage of work is plan. It’s worth planning all the activities that need to be performed, preparing and buying all the necessary tools and preparations.

To make a plan, you can use many methods, e.g. a plan, checklist, schedule. You can use piece of paper, an application or an electronic notebook to prepare the plan.

Help of the cleaning company

During spring cleaning, you can use the services of cleaning companies. The space will be tidied up by professionals who will perform all the activities so that you can take care of the matters that are important to you.

Appropriate motivation

The right motivation is a big help during spring cleaning. It can be obtained in many ways, e.g. thoughts about the benefits of the work done, the right atmosphere during cleaning, the use of gamification – performing cleaning activities using mechanisms present in games or activities.

Support from family and roommates

It’s also important to help people with whom we live – family or roommates. Cleaning together is faster, more fun and has many benefits.


Good cleaning requires proper education. It’s worth starting to learn cleaning from an early age. Children taught to tidy will be a good help in maintaining order and will gain very important skills for the future.

Children can learn to clean in many different ways – educational films, coloring books, performing cleaning activities through fun, books, games, fairy tales and physical activities. 

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